Construction Process


Step One - Ground Preperation
Step One – Ground Preperation

Excavation for a vinyl-lined pool is a job for an experienced backhoe operator. Normally the side excavation is approximately two feet beyond the finished pool perimeter to allow for assembly and a concrete footing to be installed.

The second step includes assembly of the steel panels and stairs, coping receptor, skimmer and inlets as well as suction and return plumbing.

Step 2 - Steal Liner
Step 2 – Steal Liner

Step 3 - Concrete Platform
Step 3 – Concrete Platform

Most builders pour the concrete decking once all of step two is completed but in some cases and with certain water table situations, the liner will be installed before the decking is poured. The pool structure is strong enough to allow installation to proceed in either manner.

In this photo we see the liner being installed. This is where an experienced expert makes all the difference!

Step 4 - Liner Installation
Step 4 – Liner Installation

Step 5 - Fill with water and ENJOY !!
Step 5 – Fill with water and ENJOY !!!
 Fill it with water and enjoy all of the health, fitness and entertainment value of a spectacular poolscape in your backyard!